Matrix analysis is a branch of mathematics containing a variety of challenging problems, most of which have important applications in natural sciences, medicine, economics, engineering as well as in industry.

The main goal of the conference is to gather experts, researchers and students together to present recent developments in this dynamic and important field. The conference also aims to stimulate research and support the interaction between mathematicians and scientists by creating an environment for participants to exchange ideas and to initiate collaborations or professional partnerships.

The previous meetings of the sequel have taken place in China and USA.

The proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA2013) will appear as a special issue of Linear and Multilinear Algebra (LAMA)The deadline for submission of papers is November 15, 2013. All submissions must meet the publication standards of LAMA and will be subject to the normal refereeing procedure. Submission is limited to those who participated in the conference. Please submit your paper via and indicate that your submission is for the ICMAA2013 special issue.

Editor-in-Chief of the special issue: Steve Kirkland
Special editors: Peter Semrl, Tin-Yau Tam, Fuzhen Zhang

 Keynote Speaker: Steve Kirkland, Stokes Professor at Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland.

ILAS Lecturer: Alexander A. Klyachko,  Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

THANK YOU: We express our thanks to all the participants and speakers for their participation. We also thank Selcuk University and ILAS for their support. All these made the conference a very successful one.